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BEMS System


Building Energy Management System plays a vital role in Smart Buildings.

It is difficult to significantly reduce CO2 emissions by simply monitoring energy consumption to save energy. First, we must identify energy waste as well as inconsistencies in energy supply within a building. Then, we must come up with solutions. These could involve looking at the hardware side and updating to highly efficient equipment and devices as necessary, or applying individual equipment solutions to PCs, lighting and air conditioning.

Linking building automation systems that perform integrated equipment surveillance, security systems, and systems to monitor energy usage can provide locational data on individuals and enable automatic control of equipment like air conditioning and lighting, eliminating wasteful energy usage.

Storing large volumes of electric power within the building is also critical for optimizing the balance between power supply and demand. This requires energy storage systems with a long lifespan that do not take up a lot of space when installed in buildings. Installing the energy storage system used for Electric Vehicles (EV) in office buildings also fulfills the dual function of providing a charging infrastructure for EVs.


As Smart Buildings become more prevalent, EcoPower is developing and providing building management solutions like the visual representation of power consumption and large-scale energy storage systems that utilize sophisticated lithium-ion battery technology.

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