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Fluorescent Solution


Savings are achieved by replacing older type luminaires with modern low energy equivalents. These are either high frequency fluorescent types or in some cases LED type luminaires. Existing older fluorescent types typically utilise electro magnetic lamp control gear. This type of lamp control gear compared to modern high frequency types is inefficient as energy is lost in the lamp control gear as heat in the ballast (or choke). A modern high frequency type is typically 30-40% more efficient than an equivalent 'switch start' type. Combined with modern triphosphur lamps, which have a higher lumen output for a given wattage, an overall saving of between 50-70% can be achieve over older types for the same light output. 

EcoLight T5 Retrofit Fixture
The Most Professional Conversion kit

Lightweight and easy to retrofit, the EcoLight T5 retrofit fixture features an electronic ballast and T5 fluorescent lamp in one unit. The EcoLight fits directly into an existing T12 and T8 fluorescent lamp fixture, eliminating replacement an disposal costs. Installing the EcoLight into the existing luminaire is almost as easy as replacing a fluorescent lamp.


Converting to T5s from T12s, T10s , T9s and T8s results in energy saving up to 70% and the payback period is extremely short. 


In additional to the energy savings, T5s produce more light, offer better colour rendering and lumen-maintenance performance than old lamps.

LED Solution


Our Solution makes use of the world's top band LED light engine which offers greater savings and extended life compared to traditional lighting types. The light engine is suitable for integration in to a wide range of linear luminaire types, providing LED equivalents of many popular types of luminaire found in the healthcare environment. The high lumen efficacy of up to 135Lm/W and the good thermal performance makes them perfect for use in general lighting applications.



ECOTUBE is an optimal LED designed to provide an affordable solution for upgrading old fluorescent lamps to the very latest LED lighting and technology. The product is used for general and intensive lighting application and provides immediate and lasting benefits.

  • Significant energy saving up to 60%

  • Affordable Price 

  • 50,000 hours lifespan

  • Reduced maintenance cost

  • Environmentally friendly 

  • Reduced CO2 emission

  • No mercury content

  • Glass-free tube no breakage concerns

  • High frequent operation no flickering 

  • High power factor up to 0.98

ECOLED High Power Series
The ultimate High Bay Light


ECOLED high power series use a unique patented thermal management to ensure low LED junction temperature.


The powerful heat sink maximised the power output up to 500W with brightness up to 45000lm, while with extremely light weight for safety usage and installation.


In addition, the junction temperature is maintained in a very low rate, thus a longer lifetime and high lumen maintenance is guaranteed. They are produced for industrial and commercial lighting purposes.

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