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Our companies

The EcoPower Group comprise a worldwide network of operating companies providing you with a variety of technologies, ranging from the management of energy use to energy construction projects.
EcoPower Electric Ltd.


For commercial and industrial organisations this means improving energy efficiency and helping reduce CO2 emissions and costs. 


Owners of large residential properties can intelligently control their lighting, heating and cooling, maximising ease of operation and comfort.


EcoLight saving systems are available directly from us, or via our fully trained and established network of partners, ensuring that each project is delivered to specification and budget.

EcoPower EPC (China) Ltd.


EcoPower Engineering & Power Consulting provide the consultation, survey & design, general contracting, project management, project financial management, bidding agency, engineering supervision and equipment manufacturing supervision of construction projects in various industrial and commercial levels.


Its business scope also includes the special design, evaluation, assessment and equipment purchase in fields of energy management, eviromental protection, solid & liquid waste treatment and road transport.

EcoPower Innovations ESC GmbH


EcoPower co-operate with Pyrum Innovations in an innovative recycling and plant construction company located in France, Germany, Luxemburg and China.


The EcoPower is developing, constructing and operating its thermolysis recycling technology. Pyrum Innovations has been nominated by the magazine "Wirtschafts Woche" as being one of Germany's most innovative and successful clean-tech companies. 

With headquarters in the EU, EcoPower operates in countries across the world, providing intelligent energy efficient and renewable energy solutions, wherever you are located.

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