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Sector Experience

Today’s business environment is fiercely competitive. Achieving commercial and financial success, whilst enhancing environmental performance can be challenging. EcoPower works across many sectors to help organisations, large and small, reduce their energy costs and carbon emissions and improve their energy efficiency.


helps organisations deliver communal heating, district heating and mixed-use schemes. Our solutions precisely monitor energy consumption and ensure residents only pay for what they use.

Data & information Centres


Data and information centres are often large consumers of energy. With increased pressure to cut costs, many need to address the strain of huge energy bills.

Here at EcoPower we work with data and information centres to develop sustainable, cost-saving energy solutions that deliver significant savings in carbon emissions.

Our range of products and services can cater for any organisation, delivering primary energy savings and a greater security of supply. 

Commercial Complex


The pressure on businesses, both large and small, to drive down costs in order to maintain profit margins continues to increase, as does the pressure to reduce CO2 emissions.

EcoPower works with businesses to identify and implement the best energy cost saving solutions.

Our Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) can typically save 10-15% on energy costs, without the requirement for capital investment. 

Wastage Management


Waste management is an ongoing problem, not only in the EU but also worldwide. In recent years, there has been a significant change in the waste management market, as governments have introduced legislative and fiscal drivers intended to encourage the diversion of waste from landfill.

Health Care


Healthcare institutions face the difficult task of ensuring patient comfort without an escalation in energy costs.

Our experience working with healthcare organisations, such as Dunedin Hospital, shows that we can help to mitigate budgetary pressures and deliver significant year-on-year savings on energy bills, while also reducing carbon emissions. 

Industry & Manufacturing


Manufacturers are large consumers of energy, making energy costs a large proportion of overheads.

Managing and reducing energy usage is the most sustainable way to deal with rising energy costs.  With a strategic approach to energy management, manufacturers can mitigate rising energy prices, manage risk and respond to increasing legislative pressures.




During this tough economic climate, the hospitality industry is focused on increasing turnover and cutting operational costs to improve Gross Operating Profit Per Available Room (GOPPAR).

Energy costs should not be overlooked when investigating ways to improve profitability. 

EcoPower provides a wide range of sustainable energy solutions to the hotel industry, which help to reduce operational costs, carbon emissions and enhance Corporate Social Responsibility.



Many schools, colleges and universities need to find ways to reduce their energy bills and improve building efficiency.

EcoPower works with the education sector to develop sustainable, cost-saving energy solutions, as well as to produce significant savings in their carbon emissions.

Our range of products and services can be tailored to suit the needs of any institution - from smaller schools, to large university campuses.

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