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EcoPower provides business across the globe with a wide range of energy services and sustainable technologies to help them generate, purchase and manage energy.
We aim to relief your energy needs and provide solutions that will :
  • reduce your operational costs 
  • reduce your carbon emissions
  • enhance your corporate social responsibility
  • meet your corporate objectives.
Energy efficient, Sustainable and Renewable Technology 

EcoPower finances, designs and delivers a range of low carbon, energy efficient technologies.


Our on-site generation technologies provide a sustainable, cost effective source of energy. They include Lighting, Solar Power, Intelligent Electric Controller, Power Motor, Heat Pumps and Thermolysis Systems. 


Our building energy management controls help improve building efficiency and lower operational costs.

Energy Construction Project

EcoPower integrated energy services by bringing together a combination of technologies, planners and project managers.


We provide energy analysis and planning, enviromental management, conceptual design, engineering, procurement, project management, construction management and asset management. 

Building Energy Managment System (BEMS)

Every business has different needs and challenges when it comes to energy management and building efficiency.  We understand that to improve the energy efficiency of a factory floor will require a different solution to that of an office environment.

We work with specifiers, M&E contractors and building managers to design and install BEMS that improve building efficiency and offer good return on investment.

Waste Managment

Our range of waste managment solutions include market-leading recycling and energy from waste technology. Our group is developing, constructing and operating its thermolysis recycling plants all over the world.

Those patented technology is specialised in used tyres, plastics and bitumen waste.


“We operate more than 230MW of generation capacity, which enables our customers to reduce their collective CO2 emissions by 3 million tonnes per year - equivalent to removing more than 1 million average family cars off the road. So what are you waiting for ?" 

Joe Johnson, Principal Consulting

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